Your family hotel on Lake Garda

“Play is children's work.”

It was a key phrase of the famous educagtor Maria Montessori, and we fully agree with it: therefore, to each, their own profession! In the dedicated areas of Gardea, the little ones will discover "you learn by playing" is not just a saying and they can do it happily with their parents, who can savour the beauty of spending important moments without being caught in the frenzy of everyday life.

Educational farm

You’ll find chickens, rabbits, cows and pigs. How about trying to look after them for a morning, feeding them and doing small daily chores?

Guided nature walks

Enjoy a peaceful walk in the company of an expert naturalist, who will help you learn more about the area, the vegetation and some historical events linked to the place.

Treetop adventure park

Moving from one trunk to another, following paths of different levels of difficulty is an activity that tests one's abilities, in a fun way and offreing children a dose of self-esteem.

Bike rides

A bicycle, a cycle path, a wonderful landscape: these are the ingredients for a pleasant and easy guided excursion on two wheels, together with the whole family.

Magic shows

For a magical after-dinner experience, you mustn’t miss the show of our super magician, who can entertain adults and children alike.


Give new life to a cutting, which you will can take home with you. Get ready to decorate the vase as you wish, to work the soil together and, finally, to plant it and take care of it.

Butter and cheese

If you think that making the usual biscuits is boring, then come and try your hand at the most interesting processing of butter and cheese, which we will flavour with herbs from our garden.

To the sauna!
Adults only? No way!

Enjoying gentle warmth on the sauna bench with mum and dad - even the little ones will feel big. At Gardea, wellness is a family affair.

Family Wellness