What our homeland bestows upon us

A culinary treasure hunt

We do not have to look very far to discover all the treasures that Trentino has to offer. In addition to spoiling you with local dishes and snacks from morning to night, we will also take you on guided oenological and gastronomic excursions in the surrounding area.

Our Slow Food restaurant
We create tales of indulgence

A conscious experience of indulgence with all your senses: At the Gardea, children and parents are whisked away into a colourful world of flavours. Chef Filippo Crippa and his kitchen team transform local produce into carefully concocted delicacies, which our service staff will serve you with a smile. This is where meals become a family experience.

Indulgence without sacrifice
We cater to your individual wishes and needs

Whether you or your child have a nut allergy, cannot tolerate milk or are affected by coeliac disease: Our kitchen team takes all your individual needs to heart. Our made-to-order dishes are so delectable that you will definitely want seconds.